Mood Walks

Mood Walks is a province-wide initiative that promotes physical activity in nature, or “green exercise,” as a way to improve both physical and mental health. Led by the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario, in partnership with Hike Ontario and Conservation Ontario, Mood Walks provides training and support for community mental health agencies, social service organizations and other community partners to launch educational hiking programs, connect with local resources, find volunteers, and explore nearby trails and green spaces.

Mood Walks for Youth in Transition

Call for Expressions of Interest for Lead Organizations | Deadline: November 30, 2015

Mood Walks for Youth in Transition will build capacity among community organizations to support youth who are at risk of, or experiencing, mental health issues. Interested in hosting a Mood Walks group, or partnering with a Mood Walks group in your community? See the Call for Expressions of Interest to participate in the Mood Walks project.

» APPLY ONLINE | Submissions via email, fax and mail will also be accepted

Q&A Webinar | Monday, November 9, at 11 am
Download the presentation slides: Mood Walks Q&A Presentation

Missed the webinar? Don’t worry. If you have any questions, contact our Project Manager, Jasmine Ferreira, at [email protected].

Community Partners
Interested in becoming a community partner? Read our Partnership Guide to find out how your organization could benefit by participating in the Mood Walks project!

Interested in volunteering with a Mood Walks group? Read our Volunteer Guide to find out how you could benefit and how to apply.

Want to Get Involved in Mood Walks?

    Stay up-to-date with project news and events.

    Use the sign-up form in the sidebar.

    Find out if they have a hiking group. If not, let them know you’re interested in joining a group. Encourage them to visit for more information about starting a Mood Walks group.

    To find the Ontario agency nearest you, search the Mental Health Helpline.
    Or use our branch locator to find your local CMHA.

    You don’t need to be part of an official Mood Walks group to benefit from hiking in nature. Join hikes and events in your area organized by others.

    Visit and to find out more.

    The Mood Walks Program Manual can help you plan, implement, and evaluate your hiking group. It offers practical strategies and tools that can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs and goals, including information about how to overcome challenges, spark enthusiasm among participants, and maintain motivation.

    Register for free access to the Mood Walks Program Manual.

The Many Benefits of Being Active in Ontario’s Greenspace

Mood_Walks_Infographic_WebAn increasing body of evidence suggests that one of the best ways to improve your mental well-being is by simply spending more time outdoors.

Did You Know?

Did you know doctors have been prescribing hikes? Walking in nature has been proven to provide health benefits such as: increased energy and immunity, increased weight loss and fitness, increased Vitamin D production, and reduced risk of diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer.

A daily walk in nature can be as effective in treating mild cases of depression as taking an antidepressant.

Download the Infographic

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